After a restore there is no webui and forced to login

Volumio Version: v2.917
Hardware: RPi Model 3B+ 2017
DAC: HifiBerry Amp 2 v1.1

During my setup I am connected locally to an HDMI TV with a keyboard.

After a quick learning curve and some playing around I was able to have Volumio working great with my RPi and Amp hooked up to my bookshelf speakers. Since all was working as it should I dutifully made a backup using dd. My history shows I used sudo dd if=/dev/disk5 bs=1m of=./volBckCfgd.img

I started to add my Waveshare 7" but managed to mess something up. I decided to just restore from a backup then trying to rewind what I had tried to do. Again using dd, reverse of the above, I restored the SD card.

Now when I plug it back in the Pi and boot up, I am met with a login prompt. I log in with the default (for now) user and pass and get a system prompt. I never do see the Volumio app from the local HDMI output, only the CLI.

I have tried using the volumio command line commands, but nothing seems to bring it up to a usable state, let alone one that will boot properly again.

When it is booted, I am able to see the SSID Volumio. My Mac and iPhone indicate they are connected, but I never reach a web page from Volumio. So I am unable to configure, let alone play anything, with the system. Poking through the logs haven’t produced much yet, but I am still going through them.

Can anyone provide any insight as to what might have happened?
Is there a way to put it right again, without losing all of the configuration I have setup?
Best to bite the bullet and just start all over again?

Any help or insight would be appreciated.

install the touch display plugin should give you a image on your waveshare if your settings are still there.
backing up 1 disk of 3 will not be a full backup so it could be that your missing or added somethings that changed the system.