Affordable linear power supply?

Hi all,

I understand that to improve sound quality, we should use linear power supply.

First, I hardly find where to buy these, and secondly, when I think I found one, it is as expensive as my whole system.

My system is like this: Cubox-i (spdif) > PopPulse PCM1796 MKII DAC > Trends Audio TA-10.1 Amp.

Each component uses its original power supply. I understand that I will need to buy a new linear power supply for every component, right?

Do any of you have experience/hear about that Chinese linear power supply?
Dual External Linear Power Supply DC for CM6631 XMOS DAC / USB converter ( … 1175557832)

If it’s garbage, would you please point me to something better about still affordable?


Thank you

I’ve added myself a linear power supply. I don’t think they will be cheap anyways, since apparently the components aren’t cheap. Even DIY solutions.
There’s a company called Squeeze Upgrade. They’re Dutch… handy for me, because I’m too. I’ve tested it out, /w an usb dac. And I can definately tell the difference. Not entirely sure what to think about it yet. I cannot say it’s better or worse. But let’s say that the power is cleaner and should be better.

The PSU costs around 100/120 euro. So it’s not cheap. I cannot tell anything about the link you placed.

It can power your RPi / cubox perhaps. But you can also only use it for dacs. There are different versions for it. You can also try a iFi power, Schiit Wyrd. They can also help ya. Cost about the same ish.

For DAC (HIFIMEDIY ES9023 I2S) I use separate power supply Mascot 8713, feeding 6V.
For RPI I use a cheap linear PSU, availble from RS … s/7300284/

FT146 from the Italian Zetagi?

Also have a look at the ifi-audio or the power supplies.
The ifi-audio ipower already brings a very significant improvement in sound quality. These are not linear power supplies but extremely low in noise!
For me the ifi-audio are fantastic, easy to use and reasonably priced if you look at the improvement !!!


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Improving sound quality in a system that has multiple components is always a “bang for the buck” decision.
Figure out how much you want to invest in improvements, and THEN figure out which components to change for the biggest bang for the buck.

You don’t mention what speakers you use, which are typically the most critical component to hi quality sound…

While a linear supply likely can’t hurt and is a minimum investment really, it is not likely to make a significant improvement to a low fi system.

For most lo-fi systems, the speakers are the weak link.

I own a studer 900 power supply fom aliexpress. It get good reviews on Unfortunately the provided heatsinck is insufficant if you want to power the Rpi aswell.
You can buy a complete system or a complete board or a DIY board.
I use it only for a few minutes (headsinck gets too hot and still waiting for a new one) But I notice that the sounds improvement. Sounds gets less fatigue…and the harsness is gonge…its a lot more pleasant to listen too. Soundsstage improves aswell

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