Advisable limit of quantity plugins

Is there a limit on the number of plugins that can be installed on a Raspberry?

Maybe someone could make a table based on the process capability of the Raspberry model.


I don’t think this is a practical thing to do Edues. The number of plugins shouldn’t really be a problem, unless they were all in operation at the same time. Also, individual plugins will have very different requirements in terms of using system resources … some will be totally negligible.

Thanks sims 1, I think you’re right, it’s an unnecessary exercise.

I had already verified that in Raspberry 3, things were starting to go badly as the number of plugins increased, even if most of them were inactive.
I am now testing a Raspberry 4 with 4Gb, and everything indicates that the installation of plugins does not affect performance.

Even so, I have a painful performance in processes such as access to Tidal, the network connection is very good, more than 200mbps, but it seems clear that there is still much to solve in this part.