Advice for harware choice


I intend to build a small volumio machine. I have seen many tutorials and examples, but I want to mix a bit everything. I’m not sure about what parts to choose and their compatibility. Some advice is needed please.

Here is my intention:

  • custom wooden case
  • raspberry pi
  • a small touch screen
  • rfid reader to launch playlists
  • dac / amp
  • speakers
  • a power management solution (so that a sinlge button will turn it on, and shut it down cleanly)

Many screens seem to use the GPIO pins, which I will also need for the dac and power shim? Or should I go with a hdmi screen (is the power consumption ok?)

What about power supply? I suppose the pi will not power everything? The device will only operate when plugged in (no battery needed)

Thanks for your help (first electronics project so sorry if the questions are very broad)