Advice for a new player: Rpi3b+ or Rpi4?

hi, i’m coming from a rasp Pi2 and i’m now wondering for a new second player. Which board would you suggest me: Rasp3b+ or Rasp 4 Gb?
Should i have to mount additional fan or some dissi to prevent temperature issues with the second option?


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If you plan to use USB audio then rpi4 is better choice.(older PI’s share USB bus with networking interface)

Get some aluminium heatsink/case for it and it’s good to go, no need for fans if it’s not in direct sunlight.

No, i’m planning to use a hat dac with rca connection… so i think i cannot use the heatsink case you’re taking about.

Let me find you a link for the one i use, it’s so slim that you can still fit DAC hat with it :slight_smile:

A little more expensive than i hoped but it’s really nice, i’ll consider it. :wink: Thanks
According with your experience… Using a more powerful board as Rpi4, will I experience a faster music library management?