Adding web streaming to Volumio

You have your Raspberry Pi sitting in your media center running Volumio, so that you can listen to your music through your stereo. Attached to your Pi is a USB hard drive or flash drive containing your music. But you are currently in the other room on your PC. How do you listen to all that music that is on your Pi?

You could set up a NAS server on your Pi, and play the songs one by one. Or you could set up a steaming server under Volumio that can handle playlists. Let me introduce you to CherryMusic.
CherryMusic is a browser based music streamer written in Python. It is small and fast enough to work well on Pi, and it works well on Volumio.

The instructions for installing CherryMusic can be found here:
but I’ll go through the installation onto Volumio step by step.

  1. Download CherryMusic, and some other necessary files
    Logon to root (default password is volumio).
    cd /home
    apt-get update && apt-get install git-core
    git clone -b master
    apt-get install imagemagick
    apt-get install vorbis-tools lame flac

  2. Startup:
    cd ./cherrymusic
    python cherrymusic --setup --port 8080

    It should ask you to install “Download cherrypy now? (y/n)”. Just type y

  3. Setup: In your local PC browser, type:
    Under “Media base directory” you need to put the directory that your music is located in. It should be either
    /mnt/USB or /mnt/NAS

  4. Finish: To have CherryMusic start on reboot
    crontab –e
    and add this line at the end
    @reboot python /home/cherrymusic/cherrymusic &

Yes, the Pi is powerful enough to play music on the Pi using Volumio, and stream music from the Pi using CherryMusic at the same time. It does sometime stutter on FLAC transcoding. Just let it buffer a few seconds and it will be solid.
Yes, the CherryMusic playlists will be different from the Volumio playlists.
Yes, there are other web based music streamers, like Groove Basin, but I had a lot more problems getting those to work with Volumio, or work on the Pi at all.

Interesting, thanks. Might give it a go

There is a similar project called GroveBasin. Compare the CherryMusic screenshot ( to the GroveBasin demo (
To start the Grove basin demo, just click on the “Stream:Off” button. CherryMusic lets you download from the Pi. GroveBasin lets you both download and upload.

Even though the author of GroveBasin promises that it works on the Raspberry Pi, (, I was unsuccessful in getting it installed.