Adding to Play Queue

Is there a way that you can add a songs to the play queue via ssh? what I will be doing is adding new song on to my nas every now and then and I need it to add to the queue automatically which I will use a cron job to do. I don’t mind if it clears the queue first then adds it all to it.
Latest Volumio, synology nas and raspberry pie 3B

You could investigate further options of the ‘mpc’ command, but please note that I have no idea how this direct manipulation of mpd will conflict (or not) with Volumio: it probably isn’t advisable, so be prepared for consequences :wink:. Alternatively, you could try altering Volumio’s queue in the file ‘/data/queue.’ I would guess the second option to be the safer of the two.

Tried the first option, didn’t work. Tried the other one you suggested and that was a dead end.

You can use the REST API, and launch it via curl

But how do you add to the play queue because I can see that you can clear it but can’t see you can add any.

The REST API will not cover all the actions that the Volumio UI allows you to do. Can you not add your new tracks (in the appropriate JSON format) to the playlist?

I need it done automatically or on a cron job because we are going to be rolling this out to 40 stores and when new music is added we don’t want to have to go onto each one and add it all manually.

Can anyone help?

You can use our services to do custom coding for you, contact us via the contact form if interested

good afternoon,since 2 weeks i havethehifiberry (dac+) on the raspberry but i am not able to get any sound out it, my settings are:
output `: hifi berry dac+
12s dac : on
dac mode:hifiberry dac+
dsd : dsd direct
dsd auto vol: on
vol norm : on
mixer hardw / software
mixer control : pcm
mpd : on
is there anybody to can help me to the sound

Thank you, just sent one. Will I get an email when if it does or doesn’t get done?

Any news on this? We are in the process of rolling out volumio to 10 stores. Need to add to queue automatically somehow