Adding Tidal Connect

Agreed. The software is literally free and the subscription is a steal.

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I am currently using MyVolumio with a Virtuoso subscription on an Odroid C2 and I noticed that the device no longer appears on the software downloads page. Will this update that adds Tidal Connect be available for the C2? Also I am wondering if the device is still being actively supported since it is no longer listed on the downloads page. Thanks!

Support is still there, as a community porting.
As we speak, new versions are being built for Odroid, started an hour ago with the C1, C4 just finished. Give me some time to update the info.
You will find it in the Community Portings under Odroid.
Anything related to myVolumio will be in future versions, there is no plan to abandon the C1/C2 family.

Thank you, will I continue to receive updates on the device by going to settings/system?


The C2 is now EOL (no production), and is no longer actively supported, but have a look at Volumio 3 Beta Testing - Odroid images. Sorry, I don’t know how this will affect Tidal Connect.

Edit: oh gkkpch types faster than me :wink:

Haha, thank you for your response. I can find another use for the C2, would I be better off switching to a Raspberry Pi for Volumio?

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Tidal Connect will be a part of the myVolumio subscription as @Volumio explained, so it will end up in the C1/C2 builds too.
Maybe updates are not as fast/frequent as with RPi, but a little rattle in the portings thread certainly helps.

Thank you.

OK, let’s go back on-topic

Any (more recent) news about when this will be released? It was last said it will be available mid week.

We are currently checking in all supported devices, it’s a matter of days.

On v2877, it works! Amazing good job! I guess is not possible to play in sync multiroom? Should be available by tidal app?

Please share info how to get that 2.877 version ?
As on official web page only 2.873 version is available and the same when updating from device directly.

This version is a test version, which you can obtain by putting your device in test mode

I do not recommend updating to test versions unless you are comfortable with the possibility of using unstable\development software.
My advice is to wait a few days until we release it officially.

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will Tidal connect be available with myvolumio virtuoso?


Yes, Virtuoso or Superstar

I’m ready, HIT THE BUTTON!

I totally realize this is a test build so I am not complaining, just letting you guys know, I installed 2.877 on my Odroid C2 and I can select Volumio as an output from Tidal, however there is no sound using Tidal Connect. It still works playing Tidal through the Volumio interface.

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