Adding Tidal Connect

Tidal just announced Tidal Connect, which apparently operates similarly as Spotify Connect does. Is this something that can be looked into adding to Volumio? Thank you.


I created an account just to second this. I’m brand new to Volumio via a MiniDSP SHD streamer and I was shocked to see how terrible the Tidal implementation is. It’s enough that I planned on canceling my Tidal subscription and just using Spotify Connect full time because that plugin works beautifully.

We absolutely need a Tidal Connect plugin now that it’s possible. I gather the Volumio team has been working very hard for months on a whole new Tidal integration and I hope that isn’t wasted work, but all of the problems would be immediately solved with just a Tidal Connect plugin. The UX of the Tidal app will always been superior. Just let us use the native app to cast to our Volumio devices.

Paging @volumio and @fanciulli for a reply on this whole Tidal Connect business. I searched all over and I don’t think anything has been said since the announcement.

For reference:



thanks for sharing your feature request. We are currently working on this topic so you’ll see updates on this for sure on the future. Keep in mind that part of the process is obtaining commercial authorization from Tidal itself so a valid timeline cannot be given at this time. What’s sure is that as soon as we get the paper work done we’ll start the implementation of Tidal Connect.

Please take a look at the beta version of Tidal and give us your personal feedback while waiting for Tidal Connect.
I’ll keep you posted.


Thank you for the reply. Glad to hear it’s on your radar. Good luck on the authorization process, and I’m sure we’d all be grateful for any updates along the implementation process.

I’ll have to look into the Tidal beta, thank you. I’m new to my miniDSP SHD so I don’t fully understand what I’m able to do compared to a homebrew Pi machine.

Thanks again.

I am also looking forward to improving this Tidal implementation.
How can I run Tidal beta in the SHD minidsp?


I own also an shd and it is not easily possible, because you can’t set test mode over the gui. i’ll downloading the minidsp shd image and see if i get it enabled there…and maybe get the myvolumio login

I also own Volumio superstar and it’s a fuc*ing joke that I can’t log into myvolumio on the shd.
They running (at least mostly the same core) of volumio, so why? Maybe licensing?
I like Volumio, but that leaves me not really a choice to go with roon, because there it’s no problem.



Will there be an email sent out when the Tidal connect feature will be available?

@Starborn2002 This forum will be notified for sure . The upgrade page inside Volumio will provide info in the changelog. Official social channel will probably provide hints.

The better way is anyway take a look at the post in this forum.

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TIDAL connect has officially been launched.

More info here

Supported devices:

When can I use tidal connect with my Volumio?

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Just adding my voice to the ones wishing for Tidal Connect support. Thank you for your work so far.

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Me2 :slight_smile:

We are waiting for an answer from TIDAL for our request to integrate TIDAL Connect :wink:
Now we shall be patient, as everyone is struggling to cope with this pandemic and remote work might increase response times :wink:
We will keep you posted


I would love to see it too

Another big plus for wanting this.
I would jump ship to Tidal from Qobuz I think.

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+1 vote for this integration. Will be a massive improvement to usability. Pretty confident it will generate an increase in Volumio users also, as most audio forums are seeing growing interest in Tidal as well as inexpensive streaming options.

This feature would be a game changer. I’d love to see it added!

This would be SO great, please, make it happen!

+1 for a Tidal connect feature as well! :+1:

That would be awesome!

Ehehehe lot of enthusiasm for this!
Unfortunately we did not have any reply from TIDAL yet… But we will keep on trying until we get it done :wink: