Adding Spotify Playlist with CLI not working anymore


some months ago i used to play my spotify-playlists with this command:

mpc clear mpc add spotify:user:richpan:playlist:1ivxixq8DtLCseiAXvw4Sw mpc play

The commands were triggered by an ir-command from my remote. everything worked fine, but i didn’t use it in the last months.

Today i did clean reinstall of volumio and tried out the CLI commands like “mpc next” and so on. this works fine, but the command…

mpc add spotify:user:richpan:playlist:1ivxixq8DtLCseiAXvw4Sw

…gave me the error “error adding spotify:user:spotify:playlist:3ZgmfR6lsnCwdffZUan8EA: No such directory”

Has anything changed in the last months?? How do i add spotify-playlist via CLI or ssh?

Btw: I installed Home Assistant on another pi and want to use it to play spotify-playlist via Siri-Commands :slight_smile: