Adding songs to play queue very slow on Tidal


In continuing to compare Qobuz and Tidal support in MyVolumio I’ve noticed an issue with queuing long playlists in Tidal.

I have a playlist (originally imported to both Tidal and Qobuz from Spotify) which contains 278 songs - if I go into Tidal -> Playlists -> click the playlist itself then click the large play icon to queue and immediately start playing the entire playlist, it takes approximately one minute before the playlist appears in the play queue and starts playing on a Raspbery Pi 4…

In the meantime it appears nothing has happened, you can still navigate the UI and play other individual songs then after about a minute it will finish queuing and start playback. If you clicked multiple times due to thinking that nothing was happening, you will end up with it added to the play queue multiple times with a one minute gap between each click.

If I perform the same action to play the equiavalent length playlist in Qobuz with more or less the same songs (minus any differences in song availability between the two services) then it takes approximately one second from clicking play for the entire 278 item playlist to be queued and playback to start.

Quite a difference! This is on version 2.673, however I have not tested Tidal on previous versions.