Adding multiroom to Logitech z506

Hello everyone,

This is the latest project I’ve worked on! SPOILER ALERT: Not everything went as planned!

A friend of mine had an electrical overload in his apartment and it fried most of his appliances, including his Logitech 5.1 system, the famous z506.

After a little dismantling of the assembly, it was clear that the transformer was no longer usable. The fuse had blown and something else too that I could not identify or repair.

My skills increase but still remain limited. I hope one day to be able to detect component failures and be able to replace them. I replaced the fuse but that did not restart the machine.

I tested each cabinet separately to see if they had been affected by the surge. Good news, plugging them in separately they all gave me sound!

After a little browsing on the forums, I was able to find the specifications for a replacement transformer. For those who have already seen my previous multiroom integrations, you know that I like recovery… a 19v and 4 amp laptop transformer would do the trick… I just have to find some !

Not having any on hand, I put this research aside in order to concentrate on upgrading the beast: Add multiroom and wifi/bluetooth… to it thanks to a small module from Arylic ( ). For this project, I used the up2stream mini v3 board on which I added the DAC Board. Since there were cinch inputs on the 5.1 system, you might as well have the best possible sound thanks to the ESS 9023 saber chip. I drilled the holes fairly close to the existing cinchs so that I could use small cables to connect the output of the mini v3 to the input of the 5.1 system.

I fixed the mini v3 board with small screws, inside the subwoofer. The board’s power cable being a simple USB cable, I thought of making a little dominoes inside the box so that I only had to connect one power cable. I reused a usb charger which delivers 5v and 1 amp.

For this project, I decided not to deport the leds nor the infrared receiver, for the moment. I didn’t find it very aesthetic to put them on the front in the subwoofer and not very practical to put them on the back or they wouldn’t really have been useful. This may be the subject of a future upgrade.

After finally finding a compatible transformer, I start the installation. I cut, I solder, I glue, I connect and… nothing.

Finally, nothing, the light on the baffle which contains the volume knob lights up, a sign that the current is coming but no sound.

I disassemble, I test the continuity in the cables that arrives at the speaker with the volume, everything seems ok.

I look a little closer at the amplifier card and there, we reach the limits of my skills. I have the impression that one of the two amps has burned out. It stays completely cold while the second heats up quite quickly and the measurements I get are quite different from one to the other.

So here I am with a beautiful object but useless…

So if someone or u/logitech can give me the solution to fix this amp I would be very happy to be able to finish this project!

Otherwise I was thinking of another solution, an up2stream amp v4 amp card and a stereo to 5.1 converter afterwards.

What do you think ?

Anyone have a converter to suggest knowing that the amp will be before the converter?

Or another idea?

Thanks for reading me!

Just buy one on secondhandmarkt 25 - 80 euro
But what your putting in cost more than the whole set. (Secondhand)
If you want a better set there is z906 or for the best sound z5500

Best regards,

Thanks! If i don’t find a way to repair it, i’ll check on the secondhand! :wink:

The problem with it is that if buy your components you would be more
Lost then buy it secondhand my z906 was burned out and all i could
Find is a the board in china for around 150 (power supply)
and found a new set for a bit more so bought a new one.

indeed, in this case it is not very interesting.

I thought this might be of interest to people on the forum.