Adding Cover art support for "My web radios"

Is there any work done regarding this?

I was thinking about starting to tinker with it, at the backend level if it does not support the additional field allready out-of-box(all these were saved as json(?) documents)

Also afaik, some of the stuff is cloud saved aswell, are these? I’m not too familiar with the firebase(?) in regards of how the data should be modelled in there.

This would be great (and not aware of ongoing work). There is a lot of good stuff that could be done here … if you’re given info in a stream then use it. :smiley:

I was thinking more of static picture sadly, thought it does not have to be that.

While dynamic art from the stream would be the best where possible i completely agree, i think implementing it would need some serious refactoring, and the fact you need to actually open the stream to retrieve the art would make it really bad performance in mind.(was it memory, cpu or network performance)

Ah, sorry didn’t read carefully enough. So basically, manually adding the cover art. Seems simple (sorry, my coding skills are pretty poor :wink: ), but it’s all these simple things that add up to a feature rich environment.

Adding static custom cover art was fairly simple thing, i have it working now, but needs some testing.

(This should work out-of-box, with the web UI aswell, since i decided to use “albumart” as field for the cover art of station)

Wouldn’t it be better to work on a centralised solution so that everyone’s radio logo experience is improved?

Yes it would be, now i managed to get it work with the my-volumio aswell.(was a typo from my end)

Either way the only real solution for this is that all the radio stream providers agree upon some standard how to transport the extra information, only after that it would be possible to build sane system for this.

lol, that’s not about to happen … there is no incentive to do such a thing.

An then there are streams that won’t present cover art or station logo…

Yeah, it was more of thing we would have in ideal world.

Yes, this is why static user defined art should be a possibility(or well it could also be an dynamic art via some url), after all while browsing it’s faster to scan the cover with your eyes than read the names.