Add support for controlling MiniDSP devices

I just picked up Volumio last night and put it on my spare Pi 3. So far it’s pretty fantastic, and I really love it! I have the Pi 3 connected to a MiniDSP Flex for output via USB - and I’m having zero problems so far. The feature I would like is to be able to control and interact with the MiniDSP through Volumio - ideally through the UI, but at minimum just enabling the service so I can crontrol the MiniDSP from my PC while it’s connected to Volumio.

The mrene/minidsp-rs project on GitHub would be the easiest path to this. Presently, I had to manually ssh into my Pi and install the package, then configure and restart the service. It was very straightforward to do, but the UX could be dramatically improved if the package was included in the release, and it were possible to configure and enable the service from the dev/web interface.

The dream version of this feature request would allow me to control my MiniDSP device from the Volumio interface, things like:

  • Preset switching
  • Hardware volume control
  • Input switching - even if it’s just a button to switch the input to USB
  • Plugin control - it would be super nice to have a GUI for it that isn’t Windows.

This software is awesome, and I really appreciate it!