Add some options for the Touch-PlugIn

I think some options for the Touch-PlugIn would be great, for example:

  • A virtual keyboard for the touchscreen operation I would find superb. Especially in the search for music you could use Volumio much better on the touchscreen.

  • Management for screen saver and screen background lighting

I’d love to see options for the screen saver! Specifically to turn it OFF while playing music and only apply a timeout when the player is stopped. I use mine with the RPi 7" touchscreen and it is more to view artwork and see track timing while listening and controlling with my phone.


I’m currently working on extending the touch display plugin. While the request posted here will not be addressed it will presumably have the following features:

Options for screen saver will allow setting the timeout until the screen will be set to DPMS state “off” (no fancy graphics, pictures or the like). Further more it will be possible to block the screen saver as long as Volumio is in playing state.

For the Raspberry Foundation 7" touch screen the screen brightness can be set. Further more there will probably be an option for automatic brightness regulation in dependence of the ambience brightness which of course requires additional hardware (ambient light sensor).

For the Raspberry Foundation 7" touch screen there will be an option to rotate the display by 180°.

There will also be an option to set the visibility of the mouse pointer.

I think I’m pretty much done but will need some time testing and bug squashing before I will issue an PR on GitHub.

P.S. The issue that the installation of the plugin hangs in cases where keyboard-configure is infinitely waiting for a user response should also be fixed.

Hi gvolt,

That sounds really promising. Thank you very much.

Best Regards

Plugin has been published - finally :wink:

See the PR On my github account you can download a .zip file packed with the necessary node modules.