Add some actions on playing screen


On the “on playing screen”, I that possible to add the following things ?
% of volume level close to the + button,
A button to switch on/off the loudness . I know we can go to the sub screen for that, but this is not easy to find in the list of settings they are in.
A button to mute, may be would be better to have it on the main screen.




Any comments from the product dev ?
Are they make sense ?

Do you need more explanation ?


Take a look at the now playing plugin

What should have seen ? is that something new I have not in my current version ?



Almost :wink:


I think I did not explain correctly.

What I am asking is the possibility to have a button to switch on/off the Loudness directly on the screen where you have the volume slider

Sorry, indeed I didn’t get that.
Currently it’s not possible without modifying seeded coding.

It won’t give you a loudness toggle, but I agree with what @Wheaten recommended, the Now Playing plugin. This gives you huge frredom to play with screen layouts … including % volume.

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&volume and loudness toogfle ?

I now that any improvment needs to add/change coding and layout. But this one would improve the user experience.

Thanks georges

Hi Georges,

You can add at as a feature request.

How to proceed ?

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Place a topic here: