Add RTC Shield support on C2

Looks like the only thing missing might be: device-tree-compiler

Not sure apt has any repositories configured to pull this from.

start with explaining what you intend to do instead of worrying about missing things :wink:
Is that a Hardkernel add-on?

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install device-tree-compiler 

I dropped it as a default, but adding it via apt should be ok.
Let me know if it leads to issues, otherwise I’ll add it as built-in.

I thought I tried apt get and it didn’t find it. Let me try again when I’m home.

And yes, it is a Hardkernel add-on.

Not sure why I couldn’t find it the first time, but installed now.
Will let you know if I see any issues cropping up.
And here is the link I meant to include in my initial request: RTC Shield
The only difference I noticed from the instructions, are that the odroid boot partition is actually at /boot in the Volumio image, not /media/boot.

Just don’t take it as a guarantee, that I support any changes in the C2 image. Only thoroughly tested stuff that does not cause regression for others and no kernel changes.