Add own radio station

Hello dear Volumio members
I had now add meny own local Radio Stations

But if i use the search function with me radiostation name there don’t found this, all other build in Radio stations can be found. Pleas what i doing wrong here?


Try this

Hello SonosKiller
Thanks for your Picture!

But after adding any Radio Station still are not found if i use the “Search function”

Steps that i will do:
1) Add Station “NameOfStation”"
2) … click on this “NameOfStation” Favorite
3) Use Search function “NameOfStation”
4) Nothing found with the Name “NameOfStation”
best Regards


Edit: Okey the Search function is a bit “comme ci comme ca” ! especially if you have a large music archive and/or using Spotify and don’t know if the search covers your own stations

Use My web radios and Favorite radios


But here exist any possibilities to add any Radio Station to find this after i add this Station in the “Search” function!?
i will that me Station that i have given are findable and “searchable” in the function “Search”


The search facility doesn’t appear to cover your own added radio stations.

But in witch file are the existing buildin Radio Station present?