Add music to volumio question

I have set up volumio on a paspberry pi 5 and my music library is in my qnap nas.

Want to know which is better:
A- Add music directly from nas with nfs/smb
B- Serve from a music server like jellyfin , plex SLA, or … installed on my qnap?

What are the pros’n cons of each?
Does volumio can retrieve additional artist, album, … info if library is served from a music server software?

Connect your NAS via NFS, less overhead, SMB adds window header information.
Adding a music server adds an additional component, with it’s own quirks.

Having a direct mount, Volumio access the music without any conversion.

I was thinking of NFS too as all my other media are served via NFS from my NAS.

Music server will be installed on NAS, so no additional component on RPi, just wanted to have the best and fastest experience.

Then mount it with NFS :slight_smile:

If you use a media server on the QNAP, it’s slow, Volumio only acts as a renderer.

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