Add ir remote to my allo boss + official screen

I’ve made a nice system with the raspberry 4 + a dac allo boss + the official 7inch touchscreen.
It works well, I’m happy with it… however I would like to add one feature with an IR remote.
however I do not know how to proceed. Shall I just buy a IR receiver that I would solder on the pi or buy a specific card? In addition I am afraid the screen board + the dac could prevent me to add specifc ir board. Or shall I use a USB IR receiver? And how to proceed from a software point of view? Is the IR Remote controller plugin proposed in the volumio library working with the above solutions?
In a nutshell, I am lost…
any idea to help?
Thanks in advance

I have the same hardware.

My solution is a RemotePi - but you have to modify the little thing because RemotePi Board and HiFiBerry sharing same GPIO Pin 18. Read this:

You have to scroll down.
I you asked them, they modify it before shipping!

Thanks I’ll have a look but I was expecting something with less modifications… I guess I’ll have to solder stuff in the end…