Add a disk from Synology NAS

Hi all.

I accidentally deleted the network disk of my Synology NAS and can’t add it again.
It always gives me a mistake.

When I insert in the path it always adds a “/”

Can you help me?

at a guess, it doesn’t like the / between the ip address and volume1

mine is \\nas/FLAC

I write correct but when I save it put “/”.

Volumio 2

just checked mine and I put nas/FLAC on the path line rather than \ not sure if this will help or not, but worth a try

my file share type is cifs not nfs

I had already tried it but it didn’t work … now yes … bah!
Thank you very much for your influence :slight_smile:

Now it works properly.

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Enjoy your music for the rest of the evening :slight_smile:


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