Acess mobile web UI from Desktop

I would like to access the mobile version of the web ui on an desktop pc.
Just changing the user agent of the Browser (firefox) didn’t work.
Can anybody pleas give me a hint how to manage this task?

Resizing your window?

Or using mobile inspector in chrome…

thank you.
both ways work. The problem is I wold like to use the Mobile layout on a bigger screen.
(the official 7’’ raspi touchscreen) in kiosk mode whit an digital audio output
(toslink) mounted to a surround receiver. where the volume control is not needed.

The mobile UI is not triggered by a user agent, but from the resolution. You can edit the resolution of the touchscreen to see if that triggers the mobile ui

thank you.
Setting the layout.css.devPixelsPerPx to 1.25 within the firefox about:config
leads to the desired UI.

Very good! I’m curious to see the result, could you please post a picture?

here are some pics