Access Volumio Web via VPN

Hello community!

I was hoping someone could advise on how to make it possible to reach the Web UI of Volumio while being connected outside of the local network via VPN?

The issue is, that whenever the Web is being accessed, it opens the socket connection that always tries to reach the server by the local LAN IP.
Which is, quite obviously, impossible in this scenario.

I’d like to do that to help my dad with the set-up of Volumio at his home while I’m located remotely.
The VPN connection is established via Wireguard using pivpn.

I found some related topics that are quite old and, unfortunately, had no replies at the time:

Appreciate your support!

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How is it installed? Bare-metal or docker?
I’m running WireGuard to the remote site:

and no issues with volumio:

All real time responses.

@nerd thanks much for responding.
Both Volumio and WireGuard are running bare-metal.

Just to make sure, in your example, is it the connection to Volumio Web that is installed on your remote server and you can access it from a client?

To add more context just in case:

  1. My Raspberry runs the Wireguard server
  2. Dad’s Raspberry runs Volumio and WireGuard client connection to my Raspberry
  3. My laptop has WireGuard connection to my Raspberry as well
  4. I’m trying to access dad’s Volumio from my laptop


  1. Volumio page opens but is stuck with the spinning wheel
  2. In the console, I see unsuccessful attempts to reach its server (dad’s Raspberry) using the local IP address of the dad’s Raspberry in his own local home network

Ok, it wasn’t quite obvious but I found a solution by some other keywords.


In more detail, the Volumio dev team is against making it possible to reach Volumio directly by any address, except for the local ones.
However, they build a cloud service to reach a Volumio server externally via the proprietary website that is available for Premium users only but seems to do the job.

My setup is different, rather infrastructure “road warrior” type.

  1. WireGuard VPN instance is running on pfsense acting as gateway/router/firewall
  2. Connecting with WireGuard client on Desktop/Laptop/Smartphone to VPN
  3. WireGuard VPN is set to permit clients to network IP addresses ranges

There are no modifications to Volumio, no audio is routed through, however all rules of local network device access are respected.

Got it. So it’s rather a different scenario, as, apparently, you connect to Volumio from the local network.

The trick I was trying to play was to establish a connection to Volumio externally through the VPN tunnel.
I briefly tried to read the .js code of Volumio and it gets the address for the socket/polling connections from the Volumio backend. Making it purposefully to call by the local unique address.
As I understood from the other threads here, it’s done to guarantee the right connections in the environments that have multiple Volumios on the same network.