Access Volumio fully from PC using say TightVNC

Hi Guys…
I am very excited, but tired of barking up the wrong tree… I tried OpenELEC…not good for what I want…

I would like…to have a network attached Pi3 with attached HDD (with music) no keyboard or monitor… I would like to access this from my PC…yes PC…not android, not smartphone, not TV remote PC…Windows 10… I am familar with TightVNC…

So is this possilbe???

I have jsut reveived my HiFiBerry Digi+…so very excited…

Is this the place for me??

Volumio is accessed via a webgui from any computer/device on your network so for normal operation you only need a browser installed on your computer (or other device) .

Just enter

Volumio has no built in desktop (or graphics) so remote desktop would not work (and is not needed).

If you need to access the operating system on your volumio (from Windows) you can use for example putty ( but that is for advanced tweaking and requires some basic knowledge of linux.


Hi Palle

Thank you for your time and answer.

Will I see the complete Volumo screen and menu??

On OpenElec this does not happen…

you will see something like this: … .25_PM.png
You can do every thing most people need from the webgui.