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Hi everbody!

I have here an issue to which I did not found a solution yet, maybe, because it is already hard to describe the problem, which is why a attach a fotograph to show the problem.


The problem is that when trying to select music in one of the first two or three rows the window or menu for adding the music to the queue is not fully shown. And it is not possible to drag this window/menu downwards.

Is my description clear enough? Do you have a clue for me? I would be very happy! Thank you in advance!

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Please notice that I introduced myself under the name Bastel Misch. Unfortunately I lost my password straight afterwards which is why I created a new account - Bastel Misch 2 (a new password was not send although I asked for one).

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I found android-volumio-app-dropdown-menu-t10168.html (describing exactly my problem) in the meantime. However, unfortunately there was no reply to this post :frowning:

Well, I wouldn’t call it a solution per se.

What helped was to deinstall the volumio Adroid app and access the Volumio GUI direct via my phones Chrome browser. I placed a bookmark on my phones desktop. So there’s not much a difference to me between accessing Volumio via app or browser.

Maybe this works for you.

It’s a great workaround Jayzee, one I’ve had to utilise myself on a few other applications

Good evening. Thanks for your replies!

You are both right, using certain browsers like chrome help. In fact, I do not have the problem using chrome on my phone (although the letter size is quite small) or firefox on my laptop.

However, on my phone I would like to use the android firefox app and on the raspberry display (which I installed following … sic-player) I do not see (maybe I am wrong!) a choice of different browsers.

And since the touchscreen shall be the first choice for using the pi (see it would be great (in order to convince my wife that this pi-thing is really cool) to find a straight solution. - Any further ideas? Any one else with a touchscreen solution and my problem?

Please see: android-volumio-app-dropdown-menu-t10168.html - The message dated February 17, 2019 seems to be a solution …