Access is denied to volumio

I tried to login to volumio to reformat the external USB SSD to Fuse-exfat type files. (The SSD is on a powered USB Hub and had sufficient power). When I enter my UID (Volumio@VolumioIP) and using volumio as the password access is denied. I am running a RASPi 4B 4GB with a Geekworm X400 V3.0 (I2S DAC+ HP AMP+) and volumio version 2.714, See attached error log file link. Please help me fix it.

I put this on the incorrect forum group in error. Sorry.

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If you did not change the default user name you have to use volumio with lowercase ā€œvā€ as login, not Volumio.

Thanks for the quick reply, I did not make any changes to the name of the device.
i tried the password with with all small letters also and it did mot work. Will I need to start over again?


Do you have SSH access enabled (

What are the exact steps you take to connect to Volumio?