Access all areas of Volumio distro

Hi all. Firstly please know I’m new to all things Linux, but I’m a software developer in the commercial (i.e. windows, .NET) world. I have a Raspberry pi and when I first got it I ran it with Raspbian and I could access the entire file structure.

Now I’m running the Volumio distro (is that the right term?) on it and I can’t seem to get at anything. I followed instructions (blindly) to expand the disk partion to make maximum use of the sd card. I want to do lots of other stuff on the pi as well as using it to stream music from my NAS to my dodgy old stero unit.

So here’s the question. If I log in to volumio as root ( over ssh with putty) and type ‘ls’ at the prompt all I get is three files that I know I created myself. How do I get at the rest of the file system?

If I llook at the volumio machine on my network from windows file manager all I can see is NASMusic (my share on which is mounted my NAS drives and the music folders I want to stream), RAMPlay (dont know what this is and its empty) and WebRadio (holding the volumio web radio pls stuff).

Is there an admin login that gives me access to everything? If I’m reading about pi projects they all expect me to create files in /home/pi. If I want to do create a php web site on the pi where would I put it? etc. etc.

Just get me started understanding volumio and I’ll learn the rest from the books I’ve got.

Thanks for helping a windows dummy

Hello Windows Dummy, or is it Bob?.. :smiley:

When you log in in a terminal you start in your users home directory. You can change the directory with the cd command cd… Go’s Up a level and / is your main disk root directory. That command works rather the same as in Windows. many of the basic windows commandline commands are rather the same as Linux. But where windows uses /h for help Linux does -h or the other way around… I always have to try both :blush:

This site could be something for you: they explain the basics of Linux commandline and why and when to use it. I must admit I have yet to read more than the first two pages :smiley: But it looks great to me.

OK - BIGGEST Dummy would be best! Got the answer for myself two minutes later DOH!

CD … is all I need.

Thanks for answering anyway

Bob (Must try harder)

ps I am an old git and suffering from alzhiemers!