Accept terms and conditions for connecting Wifi

I have a setup with a Raspberry Pi 3 in combination with an original 7" screen.
Volumio version is: 3.661
I want to use this at work. However, for security reasons, we are allowed to use the wired network and we only have to connect our own devices to a WiFi network that has been set up for this purpose.
Not a problem in itself. Now I have already set up volumio at home and everything works. Today I took it to work and I want to connect it to the wireless network, but it doesn’t connect. Now I think that on a “normal” device a pop-up appears that I have to accept the terms and conditions in order to connect to this network. However, I don’t see this happening in the volumio GUI.
Anyone have an idea how I can solve this?

Nobody ever dealt with this? Or an idea how to solve this?

I guess your the first and I don’t have a solution since the kiosk is only displaying the local host

Unfortunately! Thanks for the response anyway.