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What you want to find in next Volumio release?

The abilty to use more metadata to create views and select albums and tracks.
F.i.: i like to use the “publisher” metadata to select the MoFi albums.
I also use the “comment” metadata to add if it is a SACD so that I can select all my dsf files.

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Volume fade-in and fade-out while stopping or pausing music.

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Option to save sorting in view settings in library. E.g. in Tidal albums if I select sort by date added, the view is lost when I navigate away.

  1. The ability to edit Playlists by removing songs or re-ordering list.
  2. The ability to bulk remove songs from queue.

hi a very important improvement specially for the lovers of classical music.
please consider to make the title of the songs and album with the capability of run scroll to allowed the reading of long title that other wise seems all the same exmple ( 11. Gridget Cruise_John O’Connor_George Brabazon - Dominig Bouchaud and Cyrille Colas )a title of song like this if is not scrolling on the left you can reed just the first 4 world. you can see this ability in the program bubbleupnp
thanks for consider it.

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In section Music Library I can see my internal drive, would it be possible to ad some short info about used capacity of internal drive? E.g. 10% free, or 10 GB of 100 free?
PS: I was already advised that this can be done via plugin Systeminfo

Volumio in the RaspberryPi Imager for easy flashing. They Accept new Operating Systems on thier github issues.

Well, just as a matter of fact, the Volumio indexing by tags, especially when you have a NAS and a big library, is a real pain. So why don’t we try and implement a “light indexing” option, side by side to the current “hard indexing”? The “light indexing” does simply mean Volumio should create a database of search keywords just using the file system’s names (i.e. folders’ and files’ names). That would be much faster to go through and perfect for people like me, who always took care to keep in order the songs’ files name.

The ability to see more Tidal mixes and radio stations in Volumio. Right now, I only see the original 8 mixes that Tidal created, but I’ve added several more and Volumio doesn’t see them.

The ability to play all my Tidal favorite tracks, either in order or shuffled.

Having trouble navigating. Sorry in advance.

I am looking for two features. One necessary, the other nice to have.

Necessary: ability to use WebDav as a peer to NFS or SMB
Reason: my internal network simulates a cloud environment. Everything is accessed through https.

Nice to have: when running as a satellite, the ability to include local libraries in addition to the one on the master.
Reason: at home, I could use the much larger master library and let its more powerful cpu do the indexing. But when I travel, my favorites are with me.

Also a question. Is Volumio compatible with standard MPD? I have It installed on a FreeBSD server which runs all of my cloud services.

Thank you, looking forward to a new hobby


Hi there,

Very happy Volumio user here :smiley:
I’m a hifinutter and have seen and heard many new expensive software like Roon coming by but as a free user of Volumio I’m a very happy user, up till now.

Someone here heard of Gentooplayer?
This software does something with the computer so when you play music with it it sound so much better, it does!
It’s getting raving reviews…

Software is black magic for me but perhaps this could be available as a plugin?
I really don’t know but I would like that you people from R&D would take a look at it and try this.

Keep up the good work, Volumio rocks!


I would like to see more corruption mitigation software added. Often I have problems and the solution is a re-flash or restart. What is causing the corruption and what needs to be done to fix. I value a reliable and consistent Volumio experience. So features of this nature…

Hi Everyone!

As very happy Volumio user I would like to have CarPlay support so I can easily use iOS app in my car.

Thank you in advance,

I would love the Volumio app, when streaming an album in Volumio from Qobuz, to show the album credits if the Album Credits are present in Qobuz.
Unfortunately, many times the Volumio app cannot find the credits. As an example:

In Qobuz:

In classical music a composition can have several parts. I would very much like the Volumio app to show the name of the compositions as Qobuz does. Please see between track 1 and 2 and between track 5 and 6 in below screenshot: