ability to move the playlist location using mpd.conf

i’m currently stuck on volumio 1.55 because i require the ability to move my playlist location, (mine live in /USB/playlists)
volumio 1.55 uses the playlist location stored in mpd.conf (although sound@home is hardcoded to use the default playlist location (at least, last i used it roughly 1 year ago) , so i use mpdroid)
my reason for needing to move the playlist location is because i when i update a playlist on my android or in volumio i will manually copy the changes over to the other device (and change the location of the song)
i also do all my playlist editing in notepad/gedit (gedit is used if i’m on linux at the time).

using mounts and links are a kinda hacky solution, and are not clean enough for long term use and recovery from volumio failures (i don’t want to worry about backing up my playlists if i upgrade or volumio gets corrupted)

in all thanks for the awesome player, i like the new ui. but, its back to volumio 1.55 till playlist moving gets implemented.

if this is already implemented, sorry for the trouble i have been meaning to type this out for about 2 months