Abacus AroioDAC

Hi, I found a interesting DAC (Abacus AroioDAC) which is compatible with the rasperry 4 B and fully supported by max2play.
As I´m a new Volumio user, I´m not sure if this DAC is compatible with Volumio. This dac uses the hifiberry driver. Can you help me in this case?

Hi Wolf,
i own two Aroio DAC. volumio setup will identify them as a Hifiberry DAC plus. This works fine to me.
good soundquality :wink:

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I can confirm that this DAC works out of the box on my RP3B+ with no configuration necessary, so I guess it will work fine on a 4B. As Judydudi says volumio automatically recognises it as a Hifiberry DAC +. Also it fits in a hifiberry case. I bought both from max2play.