A-Z tabs for albums view

Is there any way to add a A-Z index tab for the albums view?
With a library of 1000+ album titles , it takes a lot of time to scroll down to last albums !
I am thinking in something like in the picture:


Every time I update Volumio version I hope to find a feature like this!

Volumio3 Experimental UI Feedback Thread

I will appreciate if anybody can tip me on how to implement this feature.

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That was a concept I created, since my library is so huge 90k , with all my legal music. Hoping that feature could be developed.

It’s a pity this concept was not adopted by Volumio team. In my opinion, there should be a better way to navigate through the albums than scrolling from the first one to the last one. When the album’s library is big, it takes for ever to arrive to the last albums.

It can be done.