a WORKING, LOGICAL and PRATICAL playlist function!!!


I love Volumio and MyVolumio. I use it for almost 2 years, allways expecting that the next version will be “the one”. What I like about Volumio, I really like.

I have a Superstar account, I got 3 Raspberry and am waiting on another one, I got my daughter and a partner using MyVolumio, but I am really considering CANCELING my account.


I have problems with accessing my PC content, long time reported and never aknowledge or addressed. And it is not a PC problem.

I had problems with MQA and my 2 DAC’s, long time reported and only aknowledge or addressed once without following trought, until it was answered on the forum to another user, regarding a somewhat similar problem.

I have problems managing Favorites and Playlists, but those problems are SO OBVIOUS that I tought they surely would be addressed soon… and after almost 2 years, I still can´t select several tracks to send to a Playlist, have to do one by one. THAT’S INSANE!

And deleting is even worst. No matter what I try, if I start deleting tracks from a playlist, the last one will never go away.

Same with Playists, if I want to delete all (one by one, because the system don’t have a multi-selection option…), the last one will never go away. Or if it goes, after a reboot it will be there again!!!

How dificult is it to delete a file when the user clicks on “Delete”???

Again, what Volumio does right, it’s wonderful. I love it but it’s impossible to keep waiting for such basic features.

And don’t get me started with the “Contemporary” design. I will never understand, agree or use a design that repeats the volume indication on the same screen, one functional and the other just because…

[rant off]


This is a practice we generally suggest not to follow, since its very hard to get it to work well, for several reasons unrelated to Volumio. Example: permissions and samba versions…

MQA is equally tricky. To make it work you need:

  • A DAC with MQA hardware full unfolding (not only second stage unfolding)
  • Volume set to 100 and NO resampling or equalization

Multi-track selection is unfortunately something we’ll never do as it will compromise too much usability on everything else for a very specific use-case.

Here you’re totally right, if you delete a playlist, it will reappear for a race condition in the cloud sync. We are working to find a solution while minimizing the issues associated with cloud-syncing. Also, a full rework of favourites facility and playlist facility has been planned.

I am sorry you’re having so many issues, we’re working hard to fix and improve as much as we can

Thanks for the reply.

RE: accessing PC content, I find it strange as I have no issues with several other equipment, but ok. I’ll buy an external SSD and will have to manually sync PC and Raspberry/MyVolumio content. Or buy a NAS.

RE: MQA, yes, I understand that now, and I’m waiting for a DAC that do both unfolding and rendering.

RE: multi-track, ok, will have to live with it. But it is a pain in the ***! At least I’ll stop hoping for it.

RE: cloud-sync, favorites and playlists reworking… I’ll wait… at least until my next payment is due.

Don’t get me wrong, I love MyVolumio, and the constant suport and updates. And I really wish you can continue to improve it. Just please don’t delete the “Classic” design, I really really hate the contemporary. :wink:

All the best, stay safe!

for me, the ability NOT to be able to select more than one track is a major drawback too. In the current version it takes two clicks per track to add to the playlist. That means an awful lot of clicking to assemble a list of say short piano variations.