A Plexamp Plugin

Hi all,

Now that plexamp has gapless playback, it would be great if someone with the skills could create a plexamp plugin so Volumio can work as a headless plexamp player.

This would allow the use of the Plex ios/android app (which is much superior for music discovery).



Hi I would like to bring this option back up.

So I would create a plugin but the new headless PlexAmp requires 64bit RPI so mostly wondering if there is a plan to move Volumio over to 64bit (as I see Moode Audio have confirmed they will move 64bit by default - with 32bit images for backward compatibility).

I have currently replaced one of my RPI with a 64bit RaspberryPI OS image just running PlexAmp (but would rather have it running Volumio but with PlexAmp as one of the plugins providing that ‘casting’ from other Plex apps feature.

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100% Would love to see this.

Been looking into volumio for a while, currently use Plex as my primary local streaming as I have a HUGE ripped CD and 24bit purchased collection of albums. Man… WOULD love to see plex app intergrated into Volumio! It would be a complete streaming DIY streaming solution.

So while not a plugin (yet) I do have the latest headless plexamp working nicely with Volumio. Basically Plexamp now supports 32bit as well as 64bit Raspberry PI devices. Anyway I put instructions on the plexamp forum - for those interested in adding plexamp to their Volumio:

This effectively acts like a 'Plexamp version of ‘Tidal Connect’ or ‘Spotify Connect’ where you can use the Plexamp mobile app to control the music playback on the Raspberry PI.

And for those interested the exact same instruction work for an Intel x64 build of Volumio as I added this to my other volumio box.


Thanks for the write up! Glad to have this on the same box. Would love to have a plug-in eventually to pull album art etc, but aside from full integration, this is a great workaround

Jerome you are my hero… Glad I stopped back to check this, I will test this asap. Thank you so much!