A long goin-on bug: Playlist playback with "main playback icon" isn't working at all


So this is a long going-on problem and tho’ it might not seem to be a such “huge” issue, but it’s still something that isn’t working as it intended to work, so it might worth to resolve.

The issue is simple: While using the WEB-UI, on the Playlist menu the “big” Playback icon that appears on the left end of the playlist’s name doesn’t start the playback of the wanted playlist, rather it just seems to doesn’t do anything at all.
To start the playback one must click on the right end “…” icon and choose the playback option from the drop-down menu there, or must enter (open) the playlist and start the playback from the first song from the list.
It’s a bit more complicated and tiresome to play a Playlist always like that and also seems like it’s some kind of unresolved bug, because the “big” Playback icon on the main Playlist screen, beside the list’s names definitely indicates, that it intended to operate to easily start the playback by “one click” of the particular Playlist for it is appearing beside.

Can we expect this to be fixed in the upcoming version update?

Thank you in advance!

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