A Help function that explains the install errors

Given that the audience for volumio is attracted by the ‘it’s easy to install’

and given the number of failed installs complained about on this board

and given the lack of response to requests for help

could you please consider putting together a help file that explains what the error messages mean, and how to fix the faults?

I think that many people are more interested in listening to music than spending time on a computer hunting down faults.

thanking you

What errors message are you talking about ?
Most of installation problem comes from

  • a bad sd card
  • error when flashing the card
  • A lot of people think it does not work because nothing ( or some boot message) is displayed on the screen. But Volumio comes with no graphical interface. It is not designed to be used with a screen / keyboard / mouse. You have to access it from a web browser from a other device.
    Please tell us exactly what is your problem.
    And don’t forget that on the forum, only volunteers answers questions. And sometime they have no time or don’t know what to do, especially when no details are given… " it doesn’ t work, what can I do ?" :open_mouth:

Hi Balbuze I am so grateful to have someone respond! I’ve been on this forum for several weeks and no-one has replied.

The problem is described here (link below). Everything was working fine when there was a handful of files in the library. So it wasn’t a flashing or card problem. Setup was fine.

Then I told it to add all the flac files in the library. Volumio failed. There are 24,783 flac files in my Library


Windows 7 PC >>> to cubox with volumio flashed to it >>>> to DAC

All connections are cables - there is no wireless involved