A couple of features

Hi Mike… how are you? Thanks for your great work
I’m starting to use your x86 system, i think it sounds better than all raspy releases and probably better than Daphile

I would like to suggest a couple of features i’d like to see on volumio…

The first is to update database even from single branches of the tree… instead to upgrade or update all db in one time, so if i’m adding an album in p.e. HighDef/Rock/Deep Purple/xxxxx can update only Rock’ branch or Deep Purple’s one.

The second one is have the chance to re-mount network’s share that wasn’t shared at the power-on of Volumio system, at the moment, if i forget to switch-on a shared HD i need to restart Volumio.

Another nice thing could be switching from playing time to countdown time of the track in play-view