A Brasilian in Volumio !

Hi You all at Volumio

My name is Guilherme and I’m from Vitória capital of Espirito Santo state in Brazil

All try to set a Volumio with a Raspberry Pi 3B to install in my Home Theater setup, conectet to my iFi Nano iDSD DAC, to play music.

A friend of my will try to install and test a option to play SACD ISO and if it shows ok, I’ll put the results here.


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Welcome T,
nice setup you have! In case you have info on SACD ISO please share…

Hi Guilherme, Vagner from Goiania here…
Glad to know there is more Brazilian users here.

News about SACD iso?

Hy Vagner

I’m sorry, but I have no goods about it.

We didn’t find a way to play SACD ISO in Volumio, then we decided to split all SACD ISO in .dsf files, that preserves the quality off SACD and can be played by Volumio.

This cost us some hours of working with Sonore ISO2DSD spliting all ISO Files in DSD Files.

I’m sorry but this is the only way we find !

Best Regards

Guilherme Curcio

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Almost the same here.
I’m using Sonore and extracting to dff.
Unfortunately isn’t possible to edit metadata on a Dff file.

The New ones, I’m extracting as Dsd, so, it’s metadata friendly.


Hi Vagner

For this reason we decided to extract to .dsf, as it is tag friendly.

Here we use MP3TAG for Mac.


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