A bit of updates - New Features, Cubietruck port and more

Dear guys, I’ve been very busy lately. Been around the world for a while. Sure I didn’t get bored, but didn’t have much a chance to go on with Volumio Development.
Anyway, have good news for you all. I’m about to release a new and improved version of Volumio. I’m going to update all the platforms, prioritizing the little PI and following with the others. And, the Cubietruck version is finished. So expect to see it shortly.

Ok, but, what are you going to find in next release? There will be some major fix and upgrades:

  • Ability to control Volumio via UPnp (with BubbleUPNP for example). This is proving to be very handy, of course with a little compromise in Audio Quality
  • Now Airplay will work also with USB and S/PDIF DACs. I’m considering also to use the Brand new Shairport 2 (which will feature multi-device synced playback). Currently testing it, however it seems quite promising.
  • Stable system. I’ve integrated a stability check. If something goes wrong, Volumio can recover itself without forcing you to get mad and reboot/restart MPD.
  • DLNA/Upnp Browsing capability. This allows you to play your UPNP/DLNA library. Still far from perfect, but at least it works.
  • A new library Tab (thanks Jotak). This basically shows your entire music library, allowing you to browse it by artist, album etc. That was definetely needed.
  • An automatic fix that will solve the muted output bug.
  • A more polished CSS and some UI refinements.

As time permits, I will upload new images and versions. In the meanwhile, thanks to you all guys. See that this community is being populated by passionate, clever and competent people. This really inspires me and makes Volumio what it is.
See you soon!

Hi Michelangelo,

I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed your time between the last release of Volumio and this next one !

I was just wondering if this new release for the Cubox-i would include an updated version of the 3.0.35 Kernel, to fix the wifi issue, as i suggested it in this post ?


My little Cubox-i feels jalous compared to my ancient Raspberry Pi (with an Edimax dongle) not to be able to run your amazing piece of software :wink:

Thank you for your work

Great news Michelangelo!

I also have a little request for you…

when deploying new Volumio version for Udoo quad could you pls remember to add the following parameter to Kernel config?


This is needed to allow Udoo to work with some async USB DACs (like mine, an Audiolab MDAC)

See my post below for details


Thanks a lot in advance and keep up with the very good work!


Here we are:


Hi Michelangelo,
Thanks for the great update !
Concerning Wolfson Audio Cards I don’t get the point.

In the 1.4 update blog post you state:
“there’s an easy procedure to make it work with volumio”

I could not find the exact post in the threat.
Could you please point out what to do to make it run with 1.4 ?

Thanks & best regards