96khz quobuz streaming downsamples to 44.1 or 88.2

Running Volumio 3.233 on a Rpi4 via USB into a Topping E30 DAC using Qobuz.

I noticed (DAC display) that songs that are listed in the Volumio iOS app / qobuz as 96khz are fed to the DAC at lower sampling rates (44.1 or 88.2). Audio resampling in playback options is off.

What could be the problem?

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My experience is: cross-check what Qobuz says. When I had such a miracle it always came to light that Qobuz and the DAC tell the truth. Volumio in this case is wrong. No idea why…

I noticed the same. Some tracks displayed as 96kHz in UI are played at 44.1…

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Thanks. Good idea. However, Qobuz says the albums / tracks are “HiRes” when I check in the app… so I think the problem lies elsewhere

I think Qobuz is not always delivering what the application suggest.
Example 1:


DAC: 96k

Example 2:


DAC: 48k

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Exactly. I have several examples like this. Why? Is this a Volumio bug?

I believe this was my opening statement, Volumio is just displaying what it receives form Qobuz. So for sure not a Volumio bug.
Other platforms show the same results with this example.

But isn’t Volumio displaying 96k in your second set of screenshots (Bon Jovi)? So if it’s displaying what it is receiving from Qobuz, as you say, why does the DAC get only 48k?

Anyway, whats the evidence here that Qobuz is not delivering what Volumio says? Perhaps there could possibly be an issue in how Volumio uses the Qobuz API that causes this? (Eg display max of what’s available but request stream of something less?). Whatever causes the problem, it’s a problem.

Insofar as this is not an isolated issue, it would be nice for someone from Volumio to weigh in. (It’s not the only problem I have with Volumio, so excuse me if I’m a tad bit annoyed here…)

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Same. With same everything except different dac. Started happening about a month ago. Tracks that were 96 and used to show 96 on the DAC began to show 44.1 on the DAC.

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