7" touch screen

Hi all I am a long time user,
I have a 7" pi screen and would like to use it with my volumio via the MIDI display port I have installed the plug in and enabled it when I power on my volumio I am welcomed with the volumio logo
Then I get stuck at the cli login
I do understand that volumio is headless however I saw lots of videos with volumio setups with screens and I love too get this working

Thanks :+1:

install the touch display plugin for your screen :slight_smile: plugins >> search plugins >> Miscellanea

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I have already installed and enabled this plug in

Disable and re-enable the plugin. Do you see any error messages when the plugin starts?

Yeah I have tried disabling the plug in and enabling it, I done a reboot in-between (doesn’t show any errors)
I have also tried it on a different raspberry pi with a new install of volumio and still nothing,

The part that bugs me is the volumio boot logo comes on (like a jpeg)

Then boots too the cli login

What Volumio version and which version of the Touch Display are you using?

What Pi model(s) do run Volumio on?

Also please connect to Volumio via SSH and post the results of

cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log


chromium-browser -version