6v Startup Light run on GPIO Pin?

Hi all,

Been playing with Volumio on a Pi 4 B, and it’s been great so far!

I’d like to run a panel light with a 6v bayonet-style LED bulb as the “On” light - i.e., it turns on when Volumio starts, and turns off on shutdown. I don’t want to run it on one of the 5v pins, because then it’s always on as long as the Pi has power, regardless of what Volumio is doing.

Is there a good way to do this using a GPIO pin and the plugin? Do I need a converter inbetween the pin and the bulb?

Depends on the current rating of your bayonet style LED. There are also bayonet LEDS that can run on 3.3V, so you can use a GPIO port. The max current for a GPIO is 16mA.