5102 diyinhk

HI, does this dac require a master clock? I didn’t think it did.

I select generic i2s dac, reboot but doesn’t show up on playback output. :unamused:

Pcm5102 doesn’t need external clock, in volumio select hifiberry dac and on dac board you have to connect mclk to its gnd to set the dac to use internal clock.

thanks. Where do you set it up to use the internal clock?

From diyinhk

PCM5102A Integrated High-Performance Audio PLL can Generate MCK Internally with BCK as reference. i.e. i2s only need three wire bck, lck and data to connect when used with source without MCK such as Raspberry Pi.

I connected bck, lck, data, gnd

5v, gnd

any suggestions?

Put a jumper on the dac board mck to gnd near it, I put a bit of solder under the board.

Thanks, I was grounding it to the raspberry pi.

Still no luck. I’ve jumpers Mck to gnd, and have 5v connected to the dac.

Selected hi-fi berry dac. Nothing. :frowning:

Did I miss something?

Anyone? got any suggestions? I’ll try my other dac diyinhk 9023.

Show some picture how you connected the pcm5102 board to rpi

Ok, I’ll take some pics when I get home.

Just curious. I’m powering the dac up separately from the raspberry pi. Would I need to ground each together?

Maybe I forgot to do that.


OK, got it working with this dac. Now I’ve got to clean it up a bit. I’ve got all these wires hanging off this dac. I’ve powered it up tight from the raspberry Pi. ( I’ll fix this up as well.)

I’ve got to test the other dac now 9023 diyinhk.

With es9023 you will need an oscillator installed on board.

Yes, I know I added one and cut the trace on that board.
I’m just hopeful that the clock is securely soldered to the board.

Which DAC profile do I use for the 9023?

Here’s the dac so far… need to clean it up a bit.