5" Touchscreen with mobile interface fix

I am building a player to sit in my hifi and wanted to get the mobile interface on my 5" Elecrow touchscreen to have larger targets and no volume display. I found another thread on here that indicated that the mobile interface was displayed based on resolution and someone using firefox had modified the pixel size to trigger the mobile interface.

I’m running Volumio 2.129 and it took me a while to figure out the same trick with Chromium Browser. If anyone’s interested you can modify:


and change:




I set mine to 1.2 and voila! I had the mobile interface and more touchable controls.

Now if I could just figure out how to calibrate my touchscreen.

Credit to stackoverflow.com/questions/3793 … pi-scaling for the details.

Would be indeed nice that a UI setting exists to set such Mobile UI in Touch Display plugin: you may put a Github issue in Touch display plugin with such suggestion.