5.1 through coaxial out

Sorry If this has been asked before. I currently have a RPI b / woolfson dac / volumio set up that works awesome. I only use it for audio as my tv/receiver doesn’t have hdmi.

Thought I might want to build another set up, but I’d like it to get some 5.1 albums to play through it.

Is there a RPI / Dac combo that will do this with volumio?

Thanks for your help.


I am not aware of any RPi I2S DAC capable of producing a multi channel analog signal. Only stereo. Also I am not sure if the RPi or Volumio software can actually produce such a signal on the I2S interface.

Your best bet would be to pass a multi channel PCM signal over USB or HDMI to an amplifier with multichannel capable DAC.

If you read https://www.hifiberry.com/digiplus/ it says that hardware is capable but depends on software. Maybe try Kodi/xbmc?

The sound thru HDMI is limited to 2 channels so no 5.1, I tried it without success.