4 GB SD card - issues


I just had some trouble trying to install Volumio on a 4GB SD Card (to free up my working 8GB card for the new Pi 3+ I have on order).

Using balenaEtcher the resultant card didn’t work.

However, after a bit of experimenting, I put the card back in the PC and used GParted and resized the partitions to approx 1.5 GB for Volumio and 2.5 for volumio_data and it is appears to be running fine.

I also modified the GPU memory entry to 16MB (since my Pi is a 256)

I am seeking advice as to whether these choices are sensible, (i.e. is the thing likely to keel over next time there’s an update?)


There are different 4 GB Cards, may be thats the Problem. 4 GB can be a real SDcard and SDHC Format. I have had a Navigation System, that didn’t like the SDHC and it was not so easy to find normal SDcards in that Size.

I’m pretty sure it is an SDHC.

Before GParted had fixed it, it looked like the total size of the partitions was much bigger than the card. (Total approx 8GB)

Are you thinking the imaging app got confused and thought it was 8GB?

I had such a problem at 8 and 16gb only gparted helped.

Save yourself the trouble and buy a 8, or better even 16 Gb card. They cost €10 or so. And while you’re at it, pick one that it compatible with Raspberry Pi.

The problem is also with larger cards. My 8 and 16 also had a problem. This is not about the card, but about the fact that after installation and launch volumio does not extend the partition for the remaining free space.