3,5inch Display mounted on Rpi Dac ?

I have bought the Elektor Bundle but this did not function with the Waveshare 3.5inch_RPi_LCD_(A) Display.
The Dac runs with the HifiberryDac Driver .

elektormagazine.de/labs/aud … ng-volumio

But the Elector Paper made good Hardwere but Software is perhaps not so important it seems?
So i have an powerfull Audio Dac but not under Volumio with the 3,5 Display working as standalone Music Machine.

“The plugin display Volumio’s UI on whatever display is attached to the device. It is especially optimised to the 7” Raspberry Pi display.
Source: Volumio UI - Search Plugins: Miscellanea "

I have tried this Plugin but did not function.

Hope for Help!

Sorry for the bad English