3.251 (RPi) - audio stops working after an hour or so

3.251 (RPi)

I find that when I try to listen to an album and then play another album, the second album will refuse to play (doesn’t matter which one I choose). The UI indicates that a track is playing but there is no sound. Only a reboot seems to fix it.


Does it occurs when FusionDsp is disabled?

I see that you also installed fusion manually. I suggest to install the latest version from the store, which has been tested.

Please try to disable fusion, then reboot and let us know if the problem persists

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Ok, I will reinstall the latest stable release from scratch and see how that goes.

After a complete fresh install of 3.251 and a few hours of listening (with Fusion DSP enabled) the problem seems to be solved. It’s still a mystery to me why an upgraded install of 3.251 should be different to the fresh install of the same version but that’s life :slight_smile: Thanks for the support.

It should not be different
But it seems not related to FusionDsp.
Thanks for your feedback

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