27MHz low jitter CMOS clock

I’m looking for a 27MHz CMOS oscillator to replace the quartz on my DigiPi+. Shpuld be a low jitter type and SMD.

I discovered that the network bridge included in my PS Audio PWD DAC sonds better that my Raspberry/DigiPi/volumio combi. Possible sources are the clock in the DigiPi, the coaxial S/PDIF cable used or simple the limited performance of the WM8804 used on the DigiPi.

Does anyone can make suggestions for such an low jitter CMOS clock?



How about this one?

uk.rs-online.com/web/p/crystal-o … s/7032417/

Unfortunately it’s too small. It’s more a 5mm x 3.2mm type. See attached sketch of the footprint in the PCB.

Any further suggestions?

How about this one: uk.rs-online.com/web/p/crystal-o … s/6721306/

FXO-HC536R-27, Crystal Oscillator, 27 MHz, ±25ppm HCMOS 15pF, 4-pin SMD, 5 x 3.2 x 1.4mm

The footprint doesn’t fit.

Good project! I tried this board with my Naim DAC and it sucks. The Naim DAC accepts the signal from the DigiPi+, shows that it’s in sync but after 15 seconds the DAC interrupts the playback for a second and switches to an asynchronous playback (buffering the signal and re-clocking it). I tried other S/PDIF sources. Most stay in sync and a few really bad ones (Projcet Audio) are asynchronous from the beginning.
I thought it must be the clock.

Try Crystek’s clocks. I’m not sure if there is a 27MHz one. But the CCHD-957 series is very good. Has low phase noise. This is suggested by other people. I haven’t gotten the chance to test it yet. Planned for this week :wink: (working myself with the 22.xx and the 24.xxMHz ones