2024 - Volumio v3.611 - Raspberry Pi Zero 2W

Has anyone running Volumio v3.611 on a rpi zero 2w?
Im running moode on all my pi zero 2w’s now because i had issues with volumio last year on these boards.
Last thing i heard i wasnt supported anymore.
Does it work again now ?

If so, great work :heart_eyes:

This page doesnt mention the pi zero 2w tho…

But the update to 3.611 mentions that a fix for the Wifi is included at RPI0W-2.
So before i start reflashing all my zero 2W i would like someone to confirm :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

I have it running with no problems, actually the RPi0W-2 is my favorite SBC for a low-cost system!

the original RPi0W was quite on the edge regarding CPU performance, the new RPi0W-2 is much more better, the UI responsiveness is more than acceptable

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